How Much Does Pervidi Cost?

When you visit your favorite online retailer, the cost is right beside the picture.  Why can’t someone just tell you the cost to buy Pervidi without having to talk to a sales rep?

Here’s our honest answer: Our software pricing varies based on (1) Project type (On-premise vs. Cloud); (2) Complexity of the specific implementation and feature set; and (3) Number of users.

On-Premise vs. hosted:  Hosted projects are based on a software-as-a-service pay-per-user pricing model.  On-premise (In-house) implementations are based on purchasing Pervidi licenses for perpetual use plus annual support & maintenance.

Project Complexity and Goals:  The cost of Pervidi depends on the complexity of the project and your business objectives. How much does a vehicle cost? Well, that depends on whether you want a sedan or a minivan; both can be great, as long as they fit your needs. Pervidi can vary that much, from a best-of-breed base system to a large all-in-one package.

Number of Users:  Finally, the cost is tied to the type of and number of users –  in other words, how many people at your company will be using Pervidi (portal users, client-server access, mobile access, incidental users, report-only access, corrective actions, etc).  A company with two users doesn’t require the same support as a company with 200 users, so most companies won’t be charged the same. It also impacts the training hours you might need, what kind of training is required, and what change management issues can be anticipated.

The answer to how much Pervidi costs isn’t simple, but the conversation to figure it out is. We want to take the time to answer your question by figuring out the best software solution for your company.  We want to know:

  • what you do
  • what your business looks like
  • and what you want to do

Speaking one-on-one lets us make sure not only that we give you the right price but also that we help put you on track with the right software for your success.

Start the conversation with a live tour of Pervidi, led by one of our expert sales representatives.

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