Pervidi Pre-start Inspections and logbooks

DVIR – Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, is a formal log confirming that a driver has completed an inspection on a commercial motor vehicle.  Inspections are conducted at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day when driving is finished (pre-trip inspection and post-trip inspection).
Vehicle inspections are an important part of a driver’s daily routine and they are essential to keeping vehicles in good condition, while ensuring road safety and fleet compliance.

Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspections

In the United States and Canada, completing a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) is a requirement based on federal or provincial regulations (US 49 CFR §396.11).

  • Vehicle Inspections (DVIRs) are a legal requirement in the United States and Canada.
  • Organizations must keep DVIRs on-site for three months from the date the report is submitted.
  • If a commercial vehicle fails an inspection, it can be removed immediately from the roads until the repair is complete.
  • More than 4 million roadside safety inspections are conducted annually (FMCSA).
  • FMCSA estimates that commercial vehicle roadside inspections and programs prevented 10,000 injuries and 15,000 crashes.

DVIR Inspections

Automate your entire DVIR process

  • In addition to pre-start and post-trip, Pervidi can be used to automate ANY type of inspection/vehicle maintenance.
  • Can track any type of vehicle, truck, heavy equipment, bus, crane, etc.
  • Completely eliminate paper.
  • Integrated pictures/images and enables doodling/marking your pictures.
  • Integrated bar-codes or RFID tags.
  • Includes GPS, electronic signatures and timestamps.

Automatic Corrective Actions

You can configure Pervidi to automatically create Corrective Actions based on deficiencies recorded by your inspectors. These Corrective Actions can be automatically emailed to the appropriate user with all the information required to rectify or correct the deficiency.

Proactive Triggers and Notifications

Pervidi’s Trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and reports based on dynamic criteria defined by you! For example, Pervidi can send a weekly email to area supervisors with all the overdue activities in their areas.

Deficiency Life Cycle

Pervidi tracks deficiencies and ensures a complete cradle-to-grave life cycle, including alerts and management reporting. This ensures that all deficiencies are addressed promptly.

Improve Productivity

Pervidi significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs, using the following components:

  • Software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections.
  • Mobile Devices to record results electronically
  • Triggers to automatically send email alerts and reminders.
  • Web portal to record data and view reports using any browser.
  • Pervidi is scalable and can be used by any size organization.