Are you required to maintain a log of your customers?

Easy, Electronic Customer Log for

Restaurants, Bars, and Retail

  • Easy to use App – can be used by any staff member
  • Simply type/dictate your customer name and phone number
  • Customer receives a Text Message (optional)
  • Your electronic log is automatically maintained
  • $1 per day + SMS (optional)
  • Electronic Log can be accessed online or downloaded
  • Data is erased after 28 days
  • Private, secure, and dedicated to your business

Record keeping for contact tracing - information for businesses

Many jurisdictions require businesses to collect contact details from patrons.
Here is how your business can do it quickly, easily, and cost-effectively:

  • Use the Pervidi App on any Android/iOS device.
  • Fill (or dictate) the patron’s Name and Phone Number.THAT’s IT!
  • Optional information includes location within your facility such as table number.
  • Pervidi automatically encrypts and securely stores the information.
  • Information is erased after 28 days.

If you are required to provide information to Public Health:

  • Access to information is quick and painless.
  • All information is encrypted, secure, and private, and only accessible by your business.

Does your staff need training?

  • No. Anyone with a smartphone can easily use Pervidi eLog.
  • Use a dedicated device such as an iPad, or install Pervidi on your staff’s phones.

Does it use a lot of data?

  • No. It sends a very small amount of data to your dedicated Pervidi secure database.
  • Your devices can be connected to the Internet using WiFi or their data plans.