We change to fit your business, not the other way around. We begin by identifying areas in which your company can benefit most from Pervidi. Then we create an effective, tailored solution based on proven, best-of-breed processes and project management methodologies. Techs4Biz Corporation focuses on customers’ people, processes, and technologies.

We offer our customers help in identifying their critical business issues and implement an appropriate solution to manage change. We provide an objective viewpoint to help our customers understand the advantages and disadvantages of various technology architectures while making certain we integrate with existing legacy systems as appropriate.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and we are confident that Pervidi can address 100{18681e8a77e759c080ed8298eb0d8c6dc29f852c972aa3f9201cbea9bf15f08d} of your company’s needs.

Why Choose Pervidi?

Pervidi was designed with maximum flexibility and ease of use, focusing on our customers’ diversity. Our Mobile applications are specifically designed for effective execution of inspections and work orders; our web portals are designed for end users and remote access; and our software products are designed for power users, operations staff, and management.  We make current, past, and future information accessible and easy to use. Pervidi converts the items on a paper-based safety inspection checklist into electronic form so that inspections can be conducted using a mobile device such as personal digital assistant (PDA), tablet or smartphone.

We deliver the most advanced mobile applications in the marketplace – yet they are intuitive and easy to use. Our mobile applications are easily integrated with our planning, scheduling and analysis software, or link with your existing applications with features such as the camera, GPS, RFID and barcode reader, and the clock (for automatic date and time stamp).  These enable quick identification of equipment, identify points of entry and exit, improve efficiency, and minimize human errors and allow you to conduct inspections more efficiently and in a more timely manner. Data from inspections can be electronically stored and regular backups will ensure your data is safe. Pervidi also provides quick and easy search functionality so you can find the inspection information you are looking for at the click of a button.

Our experienced staff can assist you to incorporate Pervidi within your specific business model or recommend process improvements. If required, Pervidi can be tailored to your specific requirements in a cost effective manner, ensuring that it addresses all your need.