Pervidi has been used in a variety of industries and fields to automate field inspection processes and eliminate paper-based operations. It is important to note that each implementation will have a different workflow based on the technology used as well as the complexity of the particular inspection and the inspection software implementation budget of the business.


The pervidi software is installed on a desktop computer which has access to a database with previous inspection data as well as scheduled future inspections. When a inspection is required, an alert will be generated and a work order generated.


Once a work order has been generated it is sent wirelessly to a field inspector. The field inspector’s mobile device, loaded with the pervidi software, will outline details of the work order. They may also access any history attached to the item that requires inspection as well as the item’s location (most devices have GPS technology) and the correct inspection checklist to be used.


Inspectors then use the checklist loaded onto the device to complete the inspection. They can add photos or recorded audio notes. The pervidi software will alert them if any checklist items have been missed. Once the inspection is complete the inspection information is sent back wirelessly to the central database which stores all inspection data.


The information from the inspection can be accessed from any desktop computer loaded with the pervidi software that is connected to the database. Inspections reports can be generated and printed or emailed. Any corrective action or future follow up inspection can be scheduled. When an inspection is scheduled to be completed, the pervidi software will generate an alert and the process will start from the first step.