“I really love this Pervidi System”

K.S., Brace

“I have to say if it wasn’t for the expertise, support and service from the team at Techs4Biz, we may not have had the initiative to embark on such a project.
“The fact is most of the time no matter how good a product is if you don’t get the proper instruction and support the product can be rendered significantly below potential and sometimes unusable. We cannot praise this team enough for their continuing support from the first phone call of contact to the present point in time. One of most effective tools the team uses is online troubleshooting; in this era where customer service is the key these guys have it mastered.”

M.B., Tully River Farming

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tech4Biz for the outstanding job performed on our Pervidi database. Pervidi is the backbone of our business and its reliability is paramount to our success. We were most impressed during the implementation phase not only with the response from Tech4Biz, but also your patience as we learned to ‘walk’ then ‘run’ with the product.
“Your on-going support has been invaluable to us. Thank-you.”

S.R., Vibtech Analysis

“Pervidi has provided us with an easy to use method of tracking Health & Safety inspections in an institution with a large inventory of rooms, spread over a large regional area. It was customized to meet our needs, with an excellent web based interface for users.”

R.H. – Wilfrid Laurier University

David Nicholas Building and Property Maintenance provides customers with a list of services that allows the customer to have peace of mind all year long. One of the core services is to do House Checks on a weekly basis to assure the house is safe and secure and that all problems are identified and taken care of.”
“The Pervidi System along with the PDA’s provide an excellent means of assuring the house checks are done properly and all information documented.”

B.B. – David NicholasBuilding & Property Maintenance