Can your Company Afford Another Shut Down?

Workplace Distancing Alerts & Tracing

  • Use Smartphone Apps and/or Wearables
  • Fully PRIVATE Data Control and Tracing – only Accessed by YOU
  • Alert Employees, Contractors and Visitors when they are Close to Others
  • Automatic, Customizable Alerts and Emails
  • Integrate Daily Well-being Check-ins in 7 Languages
  • Mitigate Your Risks of Site Closure and Illness Spread

Physical Distancing Alerts & Tracing

If you are managing a Construction Site, Industrial Site, Manufacturing Facility, Oil Rig, Mine, Food Processing Plant, Warehouse, or any other facility that employs multiple workers – Pervidi’s Physical Distancing Alerts and Tracing App is a superb tool to improve work practices and mitigate risks.

Pervidi Workplace Physical Distancing instantaneously alerts your workers, contractors and visitors when they are standing too close to other workers, and records all close interactions between everyone onsite.  Pervidi uses your mobile phones (Android or iOS) and is also offered using dedicated devices/wearables that you can provide for your workers.  All information is fully PRIVATE and only accessible by your company with no overreach invasion of privacy.

This will dramatically increase acceptance and improve new work habits and practices and ensure that your workers, contractors and visitors keep a safe distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Track Proximity of Your Workers, Contractors, Visitors

Physical proximity alerts are securely recorded and privately stored on your Pervidi portal, on the Cloud or on your own network and servers.  Pervidi does not access private information, and we do not use Apple or Google to track workers.

If a worker reports illness, you can securely access alerts information and determine exposure for other workers.  This can dramatically improve the risk of shutdowns and assist with possible illness investigations.

Pervidi uses low-power Bluetooth to communicate with other devices, including a log of which other devices they have been in contact with.



Why Use Pervidi's Physical Distancing Alerts

  • Improve workplace practices and enhance workers’ safety
  • Minimize potential exposure and mitigate illness risks
  • Have access to valuable proximity historical information
  • Assist with investigations if required
  • Keep this information secure, private, and within your complete control
  • The App utilizes existing mobile phones or cost-effective dedicated devices.