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Tool Crib Management

Managing tool cribs and ensuring maximum utilization of tools can significantly improve operational efficiencies and have direct impact on the bottom line.

Use Pervidi on handheld barcode scanners to build an inventory to track your tools. Know exactly which tool is being used on a particular job and for exactly how long using a check-out/check-in feature that can accurately invoice customers for the time. An added benefit of managing your Tool Crib with Pervidi is reduced theft because you will know where the tool was last used.

Pervidi is a powerful yet simple to use tool to manage your tools. The host application (either client-server or web-based) can dramatically improve the way you manage your tool crib and other corporate assets. The intelligent handheld (either batch or wireless processing) can perform many management functions, including tool movement and audits.

With the Pervidi product suite, it's easy to maximize productivity: 
- Enter and manage tools using a handheld device.
- Manage jobs and work orders. 
- Get automatic alerts for pending tasks. 
- Quickly analyze tool utilization and patterns.
- Incorporate charge backs and penalties.
- Securely access your records from any computer.
- Provide periodic reporting delivered to any email.

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