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Putting Maintenance Management in Your Hands

*       Combines software, handheld devices (PDAs), web portals, and trigger engine software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, inspection, and compliance activities.

*       Designed for maintaining business and manufacturing facilities, equipment and vehicles

*       Enables users to effectively and efficiently plan and execute tasks meant to maintain a company's operations

*       Assists companies in complying with ISO requirements such as ISO 9001:2000 section 6 ("Resource Management")

*       Functional and robust in-house database(s)

*       Ensures maximum uptime of equipment critical to the production of finished goods

*       Easy-to-use maintenance management system that gives you total control without any prior database or programming knowledge

*       Specifically tailored to suit each customers requirements:

  •   Work Orders
  •   Asset Management
  •   Preventative Maintenance
  •   Corrective Action

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